South Lake Tahoe Area Information June 16, 2008

Cost of Living is Still Rising in South Lake

Here’s an article about South Lake Tahoe’s high cost of living from the Tahoe Daily Tribune. As a Tahoe local, I can attest that life ain’t cheap in South Lake Tahoe. However, there are ways to combat the area’s high cost of living. If you’re coming from Sacramento or the Bay Area, stop for gas at the 76 right after Placerville. It’ll be on the left. You’ll pay about fifteen cents less per gallon. I do my best to fill up in Carson City where prices are about fifty cents cheaper per gallon. I also shop in Carson or Reno whenever I can. I’m guessing I save 30%-40% on groceries and household items at places like Winco, Wal-mart, and Costco. A 30%-40% savings means I pay 43%-67% more whenever I shop in South Lake. Aye caramba!

Taking these money saving measures, as well as shopping online, makes Tahoe’s high cost of living easier to bear. The lake, mountains, and fresh air make things a little easier too!


Cost of Living is Still Rising in South Lake
Tahoe Daily Tribune, June 6, 2008

The cost of living is rising around the country and South Lake Tahoe is no exception. Living in the mountains makes many goods and services more expensive. Gasoline is typically 20-30 cents more per gallon than it is in California’s Central Valley.

Rent in South Lake Tahoe can range from $600 per month for a one bedroom, one bath apartment to $3,000 per month for a four bedroom house with views. Energy and propane bills can be expensive in the winter and snow removal costs are the homeowner or renter’s responsibility.

Many people say Lake Tahoe’s natural beauty makes up for the higher cost of living. After all, one look at the sun setting over the lake is priceless.