South Lake Tahoe Events June 27, 2008

South Tahoe’s 4th of July Spectacular

With Independence Day one week away, I want to discuss South Lake Tahoe’s 4th of July experience. IT IS INCREDIBLE. Our fireworks display, Lights on the Lake, is rated amongst the top in the nation by many. Seeking tourists, Tahoe casinos invest a ton of money into the pyrotechnics. Here are a few reviews I found on the internet: – Top 6 in the U.S.
American Pyrotechnics Association – #4 in the U.S. – #9 in the U.S.

The fireworks, however, aren’t the only reason why our July 4th is so special. The atmosphere is festive wherever you go, whether it’s Nevada Beach, Regan Beach, Baldwin Beach, the Tahoe Queen, M.S. Dixie, or even your own boat. Firework displays begin on the north side of the lake in Truckee and Incline Village. They can be seen from the south shore and provide a good appetizer for the fireworks to come. After these shows finish, the lights of hundreds (perhaps thousands?) of boats can be seen traversing the lake for the south shore show. Before it begins, lights scatter the south side of Lake Tahoe and its surrounding shore. The fireworks spectacular is outstanding. Tune your radio to KRLT-FM 93.9 or KOWL-AM 1490 to hear a music broadcast synced with the fireworks. After thirty minutes, there will be a grand finale. Stick around afterward to see all the lights on the lake disperse to their various marinas, piers, and launches.

South Lake Tahoe has the best 4th of July I’ve ever experienced. There’s good reason it’s ranked amongst the top in the nation! When you can, I highly recommend you experience it for yourself.