Tranquility Estate September 23, 2008

Tahoe’s $75 Million Tranquility Estate – Part 2

The following was posted as a comment to my original Tranquility estate post. I found it so interesting that I’m creating a separate posting for it. Thanks to Don for the following write up:


I was a helper for the granite company that worked there. I thought I’d add a couple of other cool things that stood out for me.


1. The master bath is made completely out of white carrera marble. Floors, walls, crown molding, window sill, and shower. There is a jetted tub that was carved from two large chunks of marble.

2. Each door hinge cover is made from solid silver.

3. I’ve seen it mentioned that the property was completed in 2000. That’s inaccurate. It was completed in 2001. We were still finishing up in the spring.

4. The brown trout grew so accustomed to Hamburger Helper and Hostess products that when Horowitz would fish the lake, he couldn’t catch anything with normal bait. We would eat on the dock and feed the trout.

5. The entire house has hydronic heating. We had to be extra careful of all the hoses when putting the marble floors down.

6. In the picture of the staircase, at the base of the stairs on the floor, there are little squares of blue marble. We were worried we wouldn’t have enough to complete the job. There was none left in the world. We used it all.

7. I hated working here. It was SO cold all the time. It was hard, hard work.

Edit: Title was changed to reflect a price reduction.