South Lake Tahoe Area Information October 22, 2008

South Lake Tahoe by the Numbers

Here’s a little information on South Lake Tahoe demographics from the Tahoe Daily Tribune.  I’m not sure how they figured that Sacramento is closer to South Lake Tahoe than Reno.  According to Google, Reno is a 60.2 mile and 1 hour and 17 minute drive.  As the crow flies, it is 41.6 miles from South Lake Tahoe.  Sacramento is a 102 mile and 1 hour and 53 minute drive.  And it’s 85.6 miles from South Lake as the crow flies.

Also, South Lake Tahoe’s population growth has leveled off over the last decade.  The 2000 U.S. Census calculated our population to be 23,609. now shows our population to be 23,374.  I wouldn’t be surprised to see a continued decline in population as home prices continue to increase, which they eventually will. 


South Lake Tahoe by the Numbers
Tahoe Daily Tribune, October 3, 2008

South Lake Tahoe’s population has been growing since silver miners and pioneers developed the Bonanza road, which later became U.S. Highway 50. In the last 25 years, South Lake Tahoe’s population has more than doubled.

Fifty-two percent of the city’s population is male. Caucasians make up 63 percent of the population, Hispanics 26.7 percent, Asians 5 percent and African-Americans one percent.

The nearest city to South Lake Tahoe with a population of more than 50,000 is Carson City, Nevada, located 22.5 miles from South Lake Tahoe. Carson City has a number of shopping centers and building supply stores.

The nearest city with a population of more than 200,000 is Sacramento, California, although most locals would argue that Reno, Nevada, takes a shorter time to drive to.

South Lake Tahoe also has a community college with a full-time enrollment of 1,300.